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Discover Amedee and majestic sea turtles

Embark on an unforgettable marine adventure in Nouméa, where a water taxi tour offers you an exceptional experience to discover majestic sea turtles and explore the iconic Amédée lighthouse. It’s an excursion that marries the beauty of underwater nature with maritime history, leaving you with lasting memories of New Caledonia.

Your day begins with a scenic crossing aboard a comfortable water taxi from the port of Nouméa. As you leave the shore, the horizon opens up before you, letting you anticipate the adventure to come. The sea sparkles in the tropical sunshine, creating the perfect backdrop for this maritime escapade.

The first stage of your excursion takes you to the crystal-clear waters where the sea turtles reside. These majestic creatures are an important part of the region’s marine ecosystem, and Nouméa’s waters provide an ideal habitat for them. Accompanied by an experienced local guide with a passion for marine conservation, you will dive into the underwater world where these turtles gracefully evolve.

Imagine swimming alongside these impressive creatures, observing their grace and calm as they move through the turquoise waters. Your guide will share fascinating information about the different species of sea turtle found in the area, as well as the conservation efforts being made to ensure their survival. This is an opportunity.

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